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Everyone should have a place they can use to get away from the daily grind. Take a vacation somewhere out of the city but that is close enough to be able to drive there and back. Have a place to stay that is yours but is something different, perfect for a weekend get away or even a two week vacation. Well how about owning your own log cabin? There are a variety of places that sell log cabins, you do not need to build it yourself or hire and expensive team to build one for you. Zook cabins sells already built cabins you can take advantage of straight away!

Zook Fully Assembled Cabins

Building your own cabin would be a lot of work and could be very time consuming. Log homes by Zook Cabins, made by Pennsylvanian Amish are a great alternative. They took the advantages of a prefab, a mobile home and a log cabin and combined them into one idea. You can choose from a range of cabins, double-wide or single and all fully assembled for you. Just buy the cabin of your preference and Zook Cabins will deliver it to the property where you want it. You can opt to have some customization done and if you have some design ideas of your own after looking at available floor plans, they can be discussed.

DIY Tin roof shed to accompany your cabin

Zook log cabins were created for people who do not have the time to construct their own cabin but have always wanted to have one, a place to retreat to when they need to get away from the modern world. The fully assembled units make perfect sense as opposed to kits you can assemble yourself that take time, and can often go wrong with one piece that is maybe not cut correctly, or something isn’t quite level, or the pre-cut lumber is not fitting properly. If just one piece in a kit is not right it can cause the whole project to be delayed while you order another. People can underestimate too how much work even a kit can take to assemble. There can be a lot of frustrating moments, and you may end up having someone else do it for you anyway, so why not just get the thing fully assembled already from Zook?

Log cabin by Zook Cabins

Types Of Zook Cabins

The Settler Cabin is one of the smaller cabins Zook Cabins makes coming in two widths, 12 or 14 foot. It is a single wide building, small but comfortable with a 6 foot porch at the front where you can sit and relax. It is a more economic option for single or smaller groups looking for a weekend retreat, a hunting cabin, a rustic office or even a cabin for the mountains. There are several options you can choose from such as a loft, kitchenette, hardwood floors, a bathroom deal, full insulation, an interior that is finished and electrical wiring. Floor plans can have one bathroom and one or two bedrooms. You can have a wood entrance or a 6 panel insulated steel door, and it comes with stained log siding, 2 x 6 foot rafters and aluminium single hung windows that open vertically and have poly baton shutters 24 x 36 inches.

Pioneer cabin by Zook Cabins

Another option is the Adirondack cabin. The 12 pitch roof means you can have a lofted area over your first floor so you get more storage or you can create extra sleeping space. You can also get 6 feet of loft space over the porch. It too has stained log siding, a choice of a wood entrance or a 6 panel insulated steel door, a 6 foot porch equipped with railing, and insulated vertical sliding single hung windows with shutters.

Adirondack cabin by Zook Cabins

So if owning your own log cabin is something you have always dreamt of but the work entailed in building from scratch or even from a kit has put you off check out Zook Cabins online. They will have something that will suit your needs so that in no time at all you will have your own place to escape to.



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