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When you plan to buy a used mobile home, you need to consider some important points. If you live in Oklahoma, then have a look at Sherlock mobile homes both new and used offered at affordable price range. There is a huge difference in purchasing a mobile home and a regular home. Keep these 8 things in mind when you plan to get yourself a used mobile home. For making a right choice here are some good tips that can guide you in a great way. It is so true that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

8 things To Look Out For When Getting A Mobile Home

The purpose of sharing this checklist is to provide useful knowledge and so can own a home that is manufactured structurally solid.

Do not opt for Aluminum Wiring

The used mobile homes, of the time of 1970, made use of aluminum wiring. Aluminum can expand so the chances of fire danger when it is hot and on cooling it can contract. This can also cause loosing of the wiring with the passage of time. When aluminum comes in contact with some metals then it oxidizes. This combination can give rise to sparking in the walls. Whenever you plan to check the wiring the first thing is shutting off the electricity. After removing the switch cover or electrical outlet the next thing is to look inside. The silver color at the bare ends of the wires clearly indicates that it is made up of aluminum. Some people like to have a home with aluminum wiring then the best thing is to get it evaluated from an expert or professional.


Check for Door and Window Frames Gaps

After the purchase of mobile homes the next step is setting them up, in order to meet the frame these need to be positioned on cinder blocks. With the passage of time, you can move and shift home and it settles. If you find wavy interior walls, or any gaps on the bottom and top of the door’s frames and on windows then all this shows that there is a need re-level a home. There are dealers of manufactured homes or contractors who can do this at cheap rates. Avoid such mobile homes that have settled a lot; so it is not a good choice.

Check for Stains on Ceilings & Roof’s Exterior for Sagging

The stains on the ceiling clearly points to roof leak in your mobile home. On the other hand, if the rainy season ended recently and you see dried stains then this shows that the leaks have actually been fixed or repaired. Moreover, if the there are many rings on the stains, this shows that the roof has actually leaked many times.


Are there Sagging Roof Lines or Wavy Shingles?

It is your responsibility to see if the shingles look brittle, curly or wavy as this thing can give rise to build up of heat in an attic and the ventilation will be bad too, these types of issues are quite common in case of older mobile homes. If in case you have noticed such issues and still buying that used mobile home then be ready for replacing the shingles. Sometimes the roof support is made up of rotten wood so the best thing is to inspect the roof for any sign of sagging, because this can give you a clue about the rotten wood.

Metal Roof Can Rust – Check it!

It is important to seal on a roof that is metal manufactured home once every 12-18 months.

Check Soft Spots by Stepping on Floors

In case of the old fashioned used mobile homes, the flooring was particle-board. Due to water damage in the flooring, they appear like sponge and become soft. As a result they can rot or warp. Sometimes there are soft spots so in the bathroom so step on the entire floors of the home to check. The areas near the bathrooms must be checked carefully for there can be issue of toilet clogs and condensation.

Don’t Opt for Polybutylene Piping

Check the color of the plumbing in the house and if it black, blue or gray and its diameter is 1/2″ to 1″ then better ask a licensed plumber for confirmation that the piping is polybutylene or not. The mobile homes that are older ones used to have poly piping and the reason is because of cheaper price and the installation was simple too. Though, the cause of leaks was piping. The problem was not limited to breaking down of piping with the passage of time but also the clamps utilized elbows, as tees, as well as couplings leak. Then the only solution left is to replace this plumbing as resale or insurance will not be easy.


Check Window Sealant

Don’t forget to inspect the plastic beading that is around the windows. With the passage of time UV rays can make the beading brittle, as it allows moisture into the mobile home. Even the beading can crack if a small falls near the window. In case of crack in beading, it is essential resealing the windows.

For proper assistance regarding purchase of Sherlock mobile home the best thing is to get this guide printed. Moreover, don’t think that this guide is equal to evaluation of expert or opting for Sherlock mobile homes is best for help in quality.

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