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Reliabilt Doors Review

When couples are looking for a dream home and decide to build, or when contractors are building a home one issue that can come up are the doors. They need to be the right kind at the right price, a good quality, and a design that will suit the home and the owners. Other things to think about of course are the exterior interior combination and whether it suits the home, what kind of materials are around the neighborhood, the weather conditions, does it need to be safe for kids running in and out, is it energy efficient, what is the budget, how durable do you need it to be, are looks more important than durability or quality, is there a tax credit?

There is far more to think about when choosing doors than many people realize. With many manufacturers you have to choose which is your main feature over the other considerations. With Reliabilt Doors you can get doors in a wide range of styles that can suit any requirements you have. Plus they are at a reasonable cost, and a good quality so you really do get value for money. They have been manufactured with the customer’s needs in mind.

Reliabilt doors

How the cost is lower

Reliabilt Doors is a brand you can find at Lowes, one of the leading home improvement and appliance stores. Lowes as a large and successful distributor are able to purchase Reliabilt Doors in bulk so that they can minimize the cost of retail and get the quality and types customers want. Just looking at online reviews shows how popular the Reliabilt Doors are and can help you narrow down what kind you should get.

reliabilt entry door

Types of Reliabilt Doors available

While Reliabilt is a Lowe’s house brand, there are several manufacturers that make the doors for them. Because of this range in manufacturers there is a large range in types of Reliabilt Doors. You can get:

  • Reliabilt French Doors that come as single doors, double doors, sliding doors, multi or bi fold doors and are fiberglass paneled.
  • Reliabilt Patio Doors that come folding, swinging, sliding and come with leading manufacture names like Masonite Doors. These have guarantees on their durability and ability to withstand any weather conditions.
  • Reliabilt Garage doors that come in a range of materials and styles from steel to wood, energy effiecnt and low maintenance. Amarr is the main manufacturer of these kind of doors.
  • Reliabilt interior doors which are mostly supplied by Jeld-wen Doors. (They also make exterior doors). You can get bi-fold doors, all-paneled, louver, glass paneled and so on.
  • Reliabilt exterior doors can also be found by the innovator in fiberglass door making, Therma-tru Doors. You can have exterior doors that not only offer the chance to save money on energy bills by being energy savers, but they also offer the chance for optimizing space in the home.

Support after sale and tax credit

Reliabilt main door Included with every door package a person buys are installation instructions so that a customer can mount the door themselves should they want to. These instructions by the way can also be found online in case you lose them! But there are also customer hotlines to offer support over the phone, and you can opt to have an installer come and do it for you instead. This installation will cost though.

If you buy Reliabilt products or doors which qualify as energy saving as set in guidelines by the US EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency) you can get a tax credit of up to 30% up to a max of $1500.  The idea behind this credit is to encourage people to protect the environment and be more energy efficient.


Buying Reliabilt Doors will ensure you have the best option in terms of your needs, priorities and tastes. There are a lot of options to look at so that you can get the right doors for your home. Whatever style of house you have, conditions you will live in, kids you have and so on, Reliabilt Doors have the perfect doors for you. So go online or visit the Lowes near you to see what you can find.

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