Queen Bed Frame with Headboard


There are a great many variations in size of beds both in length and width, ranging from something small like the Narrow Bunk up the big the Grand King. However if you are choosing between a double bed and a queen keep in mind that there is quite a bit of difference in size between a double and queen headboard and foot board and that needs to guide your decisions. Headboards and foot boards are a good way to add further d├ęcor to your bedroom and also have practical functions. If you want to change the look of your room but do not want to get a whole new bed considers replacing the headboard and foot board. It is a much more affordable option too. This article looks at the advantages of having them and the types you can find.

Headboard and Foot board for Queen Bed

A headboard gives a person a place to lean on for comfort if sitting in bed watching television or reading and it ensures pillow stay in place and you do not lose them while you sleep. Originally a foot board was designed so that people did not slip too far down or even off the bottom of the bed. They come in a wide range of colors, designs, materials and shapes so have an idea on what you are looking for to help narrow down the search. Keep in mind the size of your room should influence the material and design you select, something simple in wood or metal for example would suit a smaller space. More ornate designs are better in larger rooms. Nowadays foot boards can also act as extra storage as some types come with shelves or a linen box that can also be used as a seat at the end of the bed. Costs of headboards and foot boards really depend on a lot of factors so anyone can afford them from people on a very limited budget to those looking to be more extravagant.

queen bed design with headboard & foot board
When looking at headboards and foot boards on a Queen bed frame you need to recall that between a Double and Queen there is a difference in width of 6 inches and in length 5 inches. Add on to that the size of the headboard and foot board and you really need to measure and make sure there is room for the ones you are considering. Most conventional options are made from engineered or hard wood and can last for many years. You can choose to have nightstands that are matching so that the lines blend and you get a classy look in your bedroom. To prevent scratches make sure it is clear-coat finished.

Amazing queen bed headboard – check it out here.

Think about how you want your headboard to fit the bed. Do you want it to be floor standing, does it have to be attached to the wall and is that okay, or does it to attach to the bed itself? When you have decided on that aspect you also need to check when you get it that all the components are there for the self assembly.

linen headboard for a queen sized bed

There are various ways you can use a conventional headboard and make it more unique. Just get creative and you can create a headboard and foot board that is personalized and decorative. For example you could attach photos to them or use mirrors. Using either one large mirror or grouping some smaller ones is a good way to reflect light around the room too. Just make sure you choose a headboard and foot board for your Queen bed that ensures you get a good night’s sleep.

Materials for Queen bed frame headboards and foot boards

There are a variety of types of headboards and foot boards you can buy depending on the style you want, and what kind of furniture you have in the rest of the room. Here is a look at some of the options.

Queen bed frame with wooden headboard & foot boards

A classic choice, wooden headboards and foot boards look good in any room and are durable. Choosing a natural material like pine, beech, cherry, oak and so on may be the best choice for you but especially so if you have a traditional or rustic themed bedroom.

wooden headboard

Metal bed frame

There are different types of metal frames you can opt for, wrought iron is a popular choice but you can get a finish of your preferred color put on and have it covered in a finish to protect it. Metal is especially popular in contemporary or modern bedrooms. Its advantages are that you can easily detach parts for when you need to move and it is durable if you spend some time taking care of it. There is a way to maintain the paint so that it does not fleck off. Metal is also a good option for people with smaller rooms. Another popular metal used is brass. Brass looks good in rooms that have a more romantic theme to them and has an antique feel to it though it suits both modern and traditional styled rooms.

Queen bed frame with metal headboard

Leather queen bed frame

You can also have a Queen headboard and foot board that is upholstered in leather. This gives a feeling of luxury and opulence and an advantage to this material is leather actually looks better when ages. Compared to other bed frame materials leather is more expensive and you do need to take care of it by washing and treating it if you want it to keep its shine. Leather helps make the room feel warm and stylish and you can get various colors to suit the rest of the room, though the most popular colors are brown and black.

leather queen frame headboard

Upholstered frame

upholstered queen bed with headboard

We have already covered leather but you can get headboards and foot boards upholstered in other materials too. This is actually something you could even do yourself if you want to take on a small project and have the option of buying or using up fabric you have chosen for it. The advantage to this is that while it may not be as durable as other options you can easily re-upholster when it looks worn or when you re-decorate the room.

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