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Modern Bar Stools


If you have a kitchen bar counter or a bar in an entertaining room you may be looking to buy some modern bar stools. IKEA has some very popular designs you can choose from at various prices and are bound to have something you like. You can take advantage of the bar area so that people can sit at it and socialize with the cook or the bartender. Modern bar stools are an opportunity to change the area into something stylish but relaxing that all will enjoy. Sit on a stool to drink your coffee, eat breakfast, talk about your day, read a paper and more.

Buying Modern Bar Stools

bar-stools You can get bar stools in a modern or a classic style, but knowing the difference between them can be difficult if you have not bought stools before. The main differences are that modern stools are usually smaller in height and size and are more durable. These are ones you may want if they are for everyday use. They are made of a metal material like aluminium or steel. Classic bar stools on the other hand tend to be made of a type of wood and are taller and less compact.

In terms of looking after these two types of stool, modern seats are simple and quick to care for and clean, just wipe them down occasionally. But classic wooden stools will need a little more care. They may need sanding sometimes and when they start to look worn they may need a new coat of polish.

For smaller spaces modern bar stools make a lot more sense. They are more compact so will take up less room, will still allow room for people to pass through and they make the space look cleaner. Before you go to IKEA to look at their stools make sure you measure your bar area precisely and make a note of those measurements to take with you when you shop. That way you will not accidentally end up with stools that are too big for your space.

IKEA bar stools

You can get many different types of modern bar stools ranging in price from $16.00 to $119 at IKEA. This means even if you are shopping on a budget you are sure to find something you like. You will have the opportunity as well to choose between stools with or without backs. If you opt for no backs this does save some space but they are not as comfortable to sit on for longer periods of time. Test out the stools you are interested in checking to see how it feels on the back as well as your buttocks! You can make them more comfortable by choosing a range that has padding on the seats.

IKEA-stool Bar stool from IKEA

Another option to think about is whether you want the stools to swivel or not. This is something you can find on some styles of modern bar stools. You can also find ones that have a mechanism to raise or lower the stool so that they can be adjusted according to the height of the person using it. This last feature is pretty valuable if kids will be using them, and you will find they would love a swivel feature on them as long as you can cope with them swinging back and forth on them while they are there!

ikea-counter-stools IKEA counter stool

Bar stools or chairs do not have to be uncomfortable and barely used. Nor do they have to stick out, be overly large or get in the way. Even if you have a small area you can still take advantage of bar stools by going modern.

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