Loft Beds for Adults


As soon as you hear talk about loft beds you probably think this is for children but in fact you can get adult loft beds too. Loft beds today can be for any age, it is all about the space you have and of course your taste and preference. Maybe you always wanted one as a kid and never got one, or maybe you like the idea of sleeping higher off the ground, there are many reasons to consider a loft bed as an adult so let us look at some of them here!

Loft beds made for adults

First of all a big benefit of a loft bed is the space you can save or maximize. If you live in a small flat or apartment where every inch is precious, a loft bed is something to consider. That is why loft beds can often be found in small dormitories used by students. By sleeping higher up you open up the space below the bed to other options. Children are not the only ones who need more storage space, a work/desk area or a place to relax while playing video games or watching television. Adults have a right to have all that too! If you are a single adult you can get that office you wanted by building a loft style bed and creating a place for a desk below it. Behind the ladder can be the area where you put shelves in for storage. Or if you have an office area already you could get your ps3 or Xbox set up under there with a comfy chair or two or some bean bags.

adult-loft-beds Loft beds for the older generations

Keeping a small bedroom organized and tidy can be difficult for anyone, teenagers and professionals included. If you have to share a small space with another student a loft bed may be what you need. You can still sleep in a full sized bed, but below it you can create your own private area without encroaching on the rest of the precious bedroom space. It means you are less likely to disturb others if you need to work on an assignment late at night, and it creates more storage that is more convenient.

The loft bed uses up space that would otherwise be empty, the air space above you. Sleeping higher up means you get the benefit of air circulating under you and above you so you no longer have to deal with stale air. The addition of a loft bed helps to encourage the air in your room to move around more so as well as gaining floor space and storage you can breathe easier. This is perfect if you prefer sleeping where it is cooler and need air circulating freely.

There are a lot of loft bed options on the market today aimed at young adults and professionals. You have a wide range of styles and manufacturers to choose from, if you can not find something in your local stores have a look online. Just type in loft beds for adults into your search engine of choice and you will get several results to check out. You can often find discounts, sales or special offers online too, and some places will offer free delivery directly to you. You can save a lot of time and money from the comfort of home. You can personalize your bedroom by choosing a loft bed that suits your design. Options for example will include different materials of metal or wood. Not all loft beds are made or look the same.

double-loft-bed Double loft bed

If you do buy a loft bed make sure you get a proper mattress that fits correctly. You may be able to order this online too from the same place that you bought the loft bed. As with regular beds there are many different types of mattresses, soft, firm, spring, foam and so on so it is essential to make sure you get one that will suit your needs. A loft bed should be just as comfortable as a regular bed.

Bed buying is not something to take lightly. You spend six plus hours a night in your bed, it should be somewhere you can fall asleep, relax, and recharge. There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying one and often a loft bed is not something a young adult or professional will consider at first. But if sleeping at a height and maximizing your space is something that appeals to you, the loft bed is the way to go.

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