Living Room Window Treatment Ideas


The most frequently used room in most family houses is the living room. It is the place where everybody of various ages and tastes will assemble for time together, and it is therefore a place where getting the design and style right is crucial so that everyone can be happy. Many people who are looking at re-decorating the living room think about things like carpeting, wall color and entertainment systems, but a very important aspect are the window treatments. Here are some ideas for great living room window treatments you might want to consider.

Window Treatment Options

Various shades

window-shade-living Window shades

There are a variety of shades you can use on your windows depending on the style you want to go with. Roman shades – are one option, they are easy to put up and come in a wide range of fabrics and colors. Plus with Roman shades you can completely block out light or have them wide open.

Roller shades – are a good choice if you have little money to spend on your living room window treatments, but they can still be of good quality. You can also get these in various colors and materials so you can get a room looking elegant or casual. Both Solar and Roller shades can be customized with a choice of hems, tassel or trims.

Pleated shades – alike to Roman shades and are very suitable for living room window treatments. They have weight which means they block out the light effectively when closed. So they are good if you use the room to watch movies and want to darken the room often. Pleated shades run on a track on the inside of the window seal and are set inside the casement of the window.

Sheer vertical shades – these make a dramatic statement in the living room and though they are sheer they do block out light more effectively than other types of sheers. They are a very attractive choice and you can have them open like regular curtains or lowered down like a blind.

Window treatment ideas for the living room Beautiful shades for the living room


There are various types of blinds you can choose from if you prefer these over curtains or shades. If it is a natural look you want though wood blinds make a great choice. They are suitable in rooms that are very casual all the way up and can make the room feel warmer while controlling the light that get in. Wood blinds are also one of options that are energy efficient. For more green options you can opt for materials like bamboo or jute. These are renewable sustainable materials that are also affordable.

living-room-window-blinds Blinds

Keep it simple

If you need to keep costs down and want something very simple you can look at getting panels and a valance. The room will feel homey and you can make sure the sheer panels you choose match with the rest of the room’s design. If you need better blackout you can tuck in some black out curtains behind the sheer panels.

simple-window-treatments Simple yet elegant window treatment

Other options

If you have double hung windows you may want to look at swags as a window treatment for them. These are used because they let you display the window sashes effectively. They make a big impact on a room and are also good for windows that are next to each other.

Do not forget other details that can be used to finish the overall effect. Dress up any window by using the right tie back panels, you can have both curtains loose or both tied back, or you can have one or the other. Tie back panels are a great way to add a splash of color too so maybe gets a couple of options you can switch between.

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