Jeld Wen Windows Reviews


Jeld Wen Windows Reviews

When you take one of the largest door and window manufacturers in the US you are going to find poor reviews and great ones. But when looking at the overall opinion about Jeld Wen windows they come out looking positive, slightly more so on the doors than the windows but still in the plus. The problem it seems from some reviews is the kind of customer service they are receiving and their problems after an order or installation, is not resolved to the satisfaction of the homeowner.

However there are customers who review Jeld Wen products highly and the support they receive as good too. The best way to get what you want is to use a company that have worked with Jeld Wen products for a long company and have experience in handling any issues that may arise, whether with handling, ordering, delivering or installing.

Jeld Wen Windows

A homeowner should review all the orders they make, particularly ones that are larger and have several working or moving parts. You need to make sure it is all correct and double check everything. While it can be a confusing task and may initially seem impossible it will mean you might catch any issues. Also the contractor or installers will see that you are monitoring everything and might hopefully stay on top of everything.

Jeld Window Designs

Jeld windows come in a variety of designs and styles so most people can find something they are happy with. There are modern designs but there are also traditional ones too. You can be ornate or simple and there are option features well worth considering such as e-glass and between the glass, grilles. E-glass is patented energy efficient glass.

Beautiful Jeld Wen windows

As the windows are actually quite easy to install you can choose to have someone do it but you can also do it yourself if you want to. You do need some home building and basic carpentry skills though. The windows require very little if any maintenance and they are very durable lasting for a longer time when compared to some other kinds of windows.


jeld wen casement window Understandably with good quality windows you might be expecting a big price to go with them. In fact that is not the case and something else that customers really appreciate about Jeld windows. You can get various styles and options still but with Jeld windows these are much more affordable than many competing window options. For example looking at double hung wood type windows you might expect to have a price in the $300s but getting a Jeld Wen window would cost half that. Even the cheaper kind of windows like single hung vinyls which would cost around $100 would cost half that. In addition to a lower price you are getting frames that will last longer and help to better insulate your home.

Now you may wondering since they charge such low prices why are they making such high quality products. Basically Jeld Wen have realized something very important when it comes to warranties. Most window makers offer warranties on their windows but in fact should a customer use them it works out to be costly for the company. Therefore what Jeld Wen have realized ahead of many other manufacturers is that it actually pays to make your product high quality and durable so that the customer does not have to use the warranty.

Energy Efficient

You do not have to be building a home or doing huge renovations to get started on changing over to more energy efficient Jeld Wen windows. Take the different areas of your home and slowly change out each section. In the long run having these windows is in your best interest and it might even be worth considering swapping out to Jeld Wen doors too. You are getting good quality windows and doors for a lower price and in the long term will have lower energy bills as a result. You are also reducing your impact on the environment. Plus it means less repair and replacements down the road when your current less efficient windows and doors reach the end of their life span.

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