IKEA Window Treatments


Redecorating can be a fun and exciting time, after all you are going to have a new theme or style, colors, maybe some new decorations and furniture. You get to create a whole new room for yourself and one thing you certainly should not over look is the importance of new window treatments. They have a big impact on a room and while you may be used to thinking of IKEA as a place you can go for great furniture, in fact you can get your IKEA window treatments too, great quality and at a great price.

IKEA has two styles of window treatments blinds Lindmon and Lupin. They both would be suitable for a large range of styles and can also look good with other window treatment options if you want to try and pair them up.

IKEA Windows Coverings

Lindmon venetian blinds from IKEA

The Lindmon venetian blind is a solid wood treatment that is stained and then coated in a clear lacquer. You can get it in either brown, white or natural and the length of the blind can be adjusted simply by removing some slats. This way it can be used in a variety of window sizes. Instructions to put it together can be found online so if you want to avoid the cost of someone doing it you can. IKEA also sells the hardware for mounting it.

Lindmon-venetian-blinds Lindmon venetian blinds

The great thing about this IKEA window treatment is that it can be used with a variety of other design styles and treatments. Most drapes or curtains will look good with these blinds and it is up to you whether you have both treatments blend with each other, or whether you want to create contrast. Alternatively you could allow the blinds to stand out more by just using a curtain topper or valance.

blue-lindmon-blinds Blue classy Lindmon blinds

Lupin blinds from IKEA

This is the other design that you can buy from IKEA. There is less choice with this blind, it is a simple style and comes just in white. The Lupin blinds are made from wood too, a soft hardwood called Paulownia. It is lightweight and can also be adjust in length with the removal of slats. This blind is one to look at if you are on a low budget and because of its simplicity it would suit any room. Plus being white means any colored window treatments would work successfully with it. Make your drapes the focus by adding sheer panels so that the blinds blend in. Or for a touch of color add a valance.

lupin-blinds $20 Lupin blinds

While some people opt to have just curtains on their windows, adding blinds is a great choice and certainly gives you the option of more privacy and an ability to filter the light. Window treatments should definitely be a part of your budget when you are planning on redecorating and IKEA is a great place to shop because it is possible to budget for both. The added bonus is you can also shop there for any new furniture and vases and other decorative items. Whether you choose the Lupin or the Lindmon they are great value, durable and affordable.

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