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A trundle bed from IKEA is something you may want to look into if you have issues with space. However before you go and make that purchase do have a read here and do some research so that you better understand what specifications and features a trundle bed has that make it unique and ideally suitable for small spaces.

A trundle bed is actually two beds that work together, one is most often a twin size bed though this can be larger, and the other bed is smaller. The smaller bed has casters or rollers fitted to it and roll from underneath the larger bed. It means that when you need it you have an extra bed for someone to sleep in, and when you do not need it, it is already neatly stored out of the way. It does not take up any extra room or use up any of your precious storage space. A standard trundle bed is 75 inches by 39 inches, but you can get a longer version at 80 inches by39 inches.

Amazing Trundle Bed From IKEA

While these trundle beds from IKEA are ideal for smaller spaces you do need to place them so that you have some room to easily slide out the bed from underneath when you need it. This is something to consider if you need to use the floor space during the day or perhaps in a guest room or office. There may be times where you have one guest and then another one arrives unexpectedly, or perhaps some friends came over and to discourage drink driving you could have them stay over. Or you may have a mother and child stay over with you, or your grand kids come for a weekend.

Trundle bed design idea IKEA trundle bed design idea

Advantages of an IKEA trundle bed

There are several types or models you can get and they come in a variety of styles, colors and materials. If you want something upholstered, wooden, metal for example you can find something that suits your needs, tastes and d├ęcor. You can even get a trundle bed from IKEA that has some added storage too in the form of bed drawers. There are some tips to buying a trundle bed to keep in mind though.

Hemnes day bed from IKEA – click here.

ikea trundle bed for kids Kids trundle bed

  1. Buy both parts together not separately so that you get the right fit and you get two beds that both have good enough support. While this can mean a higher cost initially it could save you trouble in the longer term.
  2. The smaller trundle bed will need a mattress purchased with it that is designed to fit on it and you will also need sheets that are specially sized.
  3. The trundle is closer to the floor so it is more comfortable for shorter people to use it, meaning toddlers and young children. The frame sits only a few inches off the floor so a very tall person may not be that comfortable. You can get safety rails for toddlers if that protection is needed.
  4. Neither unit has a box spring due to its nature so there is less support in these beds than regular ones. In theory it sounds like a good idea having a trundle bed for your child so they can have a friend over for sleepovers, but if that lack of support is a problem you may need another option.
  5. Mattresses on both beds are thinner than regular beds so are not a good idea for people with back problems.

Day bed - suitable for home & office Day bed – perfect for the guest room

Once you have taken these factors into account you can decide if a trundle bed from IKEA is still the way you want to go. There are several designs at IKEA at various costs to suit everybody.

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