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IKEA Jewellery Armoire


If you are finding it increasingly difficult to neatly store your jewellery so that everything has its place and chains do not get tangles you might want to consider getting a jewellery armoire. Ikea jewellery armoires are well worth looking at as a way to keep children’s grubby fingers from your precious items, keep your valuables tidy and safe, but also because they are a stylish piece of furniture in their own right. If you have the room for an additional piece of furniture you can keep the jewellery armoire in your bedroom or for a small room have a smaller armoire or put it elsewhere. Ikea jewellery armoires are stylish enough to be able to have as an elegant piece of furniture anywhere in the home.

Storing jewellery – The Ikea jewellery armoires

A jewellery armoire is a free standing piece of furniture, a small cabinet, designed to store precious items and jewellery. They are suitable for people who have a large amount of jewellery and regular jewellery boxes are no longer big enough to hold it all. There are a lot of brands that design them so you can get them in various shapes, sizes, styles and materials. They have a combination of compartments, drawers, ring cushions and so on all suitable to hang or place your valuables in. Getting an armoire will save you all that space being taken up by the various boxes you currently have, it will keep your jewellery all in one place so it is easier to find the piece you want to wear.

wood-jewellery-armoire Wooden jewellery armoire by IKEA

If for whatever reason you are not having the armoire put into your bedroom it can easily be set against a wall in the hallway outside the room, making it simple to get to when you are getting ready. A quick tip if the armoire is going somewhere not close to your dressing table, put a mirror on the wall near or above it, or get an armoire that has a mirror in its lid. That way you can try out several pieces with what you are wearing rather than have to travel back and forth.

5-drawers-armoire 5 drawer jewellery armoire by IKEA

Best place to place the armoire

Ideally of course the bedroom is the best place for it, as this is more convenient. It also means if you so have small children that like to play dress up you can keep an eye on them in the room! Just be sure to keep your armoire away from anywhere that is humid like a small bathroom as the humidity would cause damage over time. If you have a large bathroom that has a separate dressing area, it could be safely kept there.

small-armoire Small armoire that fit nicely in the corner of the room

Other places to put one include a walk in closet or dressing room if you have one. This would certainly put it in a more secure place, away from where repair people might see it, but still keep it where you need it. Or a spare bedroom though this would set it further away from you, and it depends on how comfortable you would feel with guests having all your jewellery in their room when they stayed. One idea to make it look just like a decorative cabinet piece would be to put some flowers or pictures on top.

Ikea jewellery armoires are not just perfect for storing rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings. You can store special coins, old precious photographs, small keepsakes and larger jewellery items like bangles. Getting one will save you space, get your more organized and will keep your items in better shape than being all cluttered together.

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