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There are different kinds of Home Depot bathroom shower stalls in terms of designs and sizes to suit different bathrooms. When you plan to revamp your bathroom then one great option is to install a shower stall that can give a modern look to the room and it is also a practical choice. These days life have become fast so most people take quick shower instead of filling bathtub which takes time. No matter what the size of a bathroom is you can still get sufficient place for corner shower stall.

Different durable and attractive materials are used for manufacturing modern shower stalls fiberglass, tempered glass or acrylic. Choosing these materials may not only enhance the look of the bathroom but it can be used for several years. The designs of shower stalls are created in such a way that you can maintain and clean them easily. Some people like to design it with their own idea for them a custom made stall is a good option. For example, if you like you can opt for colored or clear glass, etched or molded glass and it depends on suitability with the look of your bathroom.


Before finalizing about the shower stalls, first study the complete layout of your bathroom then take measurements accurately so that you can select the good design. At first decide whether you will choose curtain or a door for the entrance. If you are looking for affordable shower curtains then go for fabric shower curtains as you will get matching to the décor. There is another alternate that you can opt for frameless shower doors as this solution is a permanent one. If there is any issue of space then sliding doors otherwise folding doors can add elegance. If there is any specific idea in your mind for makeover of your bathroom, the choice at Home Depot you can easily find a suitable shower stalls as per your budget and theme!

  • Many brands such as Lowes, Home Depot, Lasco, Aqua Glass offer shower stall. On the other hand, no matter what brand you select it has to be the one that makes your bathroom attractive and it your bathing should become enjoyable.
  • If you want to create a new look in your bathroom then free standing curtains is a good idea. There are different colors and themes that match with your bathroom. This idea can result in a soothing feeling and your bath will become refreshing as well as relaxing.
  • The clear definition of shower stalls is that it is an enclosure that is built inside the bathroom especially for preventing the leakage of water when anyone takes a shower. The range and choices of designs is endless and may be also created with acrylic. With its addition your bathroom will have a renewed look as well as elegance.
  • In case if your shower stall is door less, then opt for elongated shower curtains as the seepage of water can be prevented with it. The shower stall curtains of this modern time in most cases are water repellent so buy the suitable one.
  • By choosing a good shower stall you can keep your bathroom dry and clean.

Durastall bathroom stall

Different Kinds Of Shower Stalls

“Interlocking prefabricated stalls” can be available easily and it’s your choice how you assemble these multi-piece options. Some main parts of the structure include a back-piece, a shower pan as well as two of the enclosing sides. Once you have assembled the shower pan then it is easy to fit the back piece as well as the enclosing sides. One great idea is leaving the area of entrance opened and later it can be covered either with the shower curtains or the other option is getting using the fiberglass door to conceal it. Mostly these shower stalls include shower accessories like the soap towel-racks and dishes and it is not at all a part of the stall’s main structure but been shaped in the walls of your bathroom directly. Learn more about Home Depot bathroom stalls.


It is not a good idea to opt for the costly single-piece stalls. These stalls are in most of the cases mold and mildew resistant this is due to the reason there is not much spaces to permit retention of water. There are detached doors with these units and already installed by the companies that manufacture it.


Mostly carpenter construct the “Custom tiled” stalls in a very typical way and it is done by hand. After taking measurement the next step is choosing the shape of these stalls. The main ingredient that makes basin or shower tub is the ceramic tiles and it is used to ensure there won’t be any seepage of water as it is water proof. There is a reason for using “ceramic tile coated cement” for shower stalls as it can raise the sides. The main purpose behind the use of shower curtain, the curtain rods, the fiberglass doors is to cover the entrance. There are reasons that can convince anyone to prefer shower curtain rather than installing fiberglass door and the biggest reason is the cost that is affordable in case of shower curtains.


Another good option is to choose “seated stalls” these are basically meant for those who cannot stay in one position for longer time due to old age or health issue. You can find these in variety of materials. For finding a suitable bathroom shower you can check the Home depot.

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