Furnitures That You Cannot Do Without For A New Home


For those who set up their very first home it is a challenge doing the right thing.  In order to help such first time buyers of furniture here we are sharing a list from Interior decorators of the top picks.

8 Essentials For Your New Home

Quality Bed

We spend one-third of a day in bed so it is essential purchasing a well constricted and comfortable bed. Another important factor is considering its price so look for the reasonable one. An average use of a bed is 10 years therefore it is not a good idea investing too much money in an expensive bed as it is not a smart approach. An air bed is an excellent alternate for those who cannot spend on a great bed. Later on you can move your air bed to the guest room. Some important points that you must keep in mind while purchasing a bed includes choosing the appropriate size, surface as well as firmness.

quality bed

Dining Chairs

When you choose dining chairs focus on its look as well as comfort as its addition should add color to the dining space. Try to find comfortable chairs on which you can sit for longer duration with comfort. Most homeowners prefer to buy upholstered chairs but those who cannot spend more opt for the wooden chairs too. Usually arm chairs are considered more luxurious looking and the best thing is that if you want extra seating in the living area you can easily move them.

dining chairs

A Cozy Sofa

Living room sofas are not only available in number of styles, shapes, fabrics but in different price range too. Find the reasonable and the best ones. The fabric of the sofa must be durable and solid hardwood must be used with 8 way hand-tied springs. For causal appearance the cushions are loose-backed while there is not much maintenance required for tight-backed sofas. It’s up to you to choose the length, arm shape, with or without skirt, fabric with or without pattern, down or synthetic cushion and even the number of cushions.


Quality Drawers

As per an interior decorator, the use of a chest of drawers is significant for keeping in your bedroom for clothes, in your bathroom for linen and supplies, in your living area for books, games, CDs, or even in your hallway for keeping hats, scarves and gloves. If you choose a classic and versatile piece then you can actually add class to your environment.


An Armoire

Out of all the furniture pieces an armoire is considered as the most versatile piece of furniture storing linen, clothes in an organized manner and you can store anything. Moreover, it adds beauty to your house and the storage space too.

black armoire

Side Tables

When it comes to side tables then range include different interesting type of side tables for collections that are available at estate sales. Otherwise, you can buy new items too. You can move them here and there quite easily for purposes like keeping books and magazines and for eating. The best placement of these small tables is beside a bed. In case of nesting tables one can save space simply by spreading it out only when needed. The materials for top include glass, wood or metal.

modern side tables

Lighting and Lamps

In majority of old and small homes you will notice harsh overhead lighting. The dimmers should be installed on each wall switches. The placement of the table or floor lamps must be close to the seating arrangement. On a pair of tables place two cool looking lamps. If you install wall-mounted lamps beside beds then your room can look wonderful. The best material for lamp shade is metal in order to converge the light or sheer fabric to have more light. In order to install overhead track lighting assistance of a professional is required.


A Bed for the Guest

murphy bed

If you often have guests staying at your place then you can find different options such as a sofa bed that you can keep in your family or living room so that you can use it for two functions i.e. you get comfortable sleeping and seating option. Do not forget to buy a good quality mattress. Air beds are great for creating additional sleeping area so buy the one with good quality. You can simply inflate or deflate it as per your requirement.

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