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Feng Shui Decorating With Bagua Map


For many people Feng Shui is not a familiar term but some people have basic knowledge about it. In general, it can be explained as an ancient practice that started from Ancient China. The purpose of this practice is based on establishing an outside environment that is not only harmonious but completely balanced too as a result of which your internal life can be made balanced and harmonious.

Bagua Map & Feng Shui Decorating

Bagua Map is considered as the key principle and technique in order to assist you when you implement Feng Shui home decorating. With the help of this map a lot can be achieved as it divides any particular area into 9 separate areas matching to the areas of your life.

The Feng Shui Bagua map Bagua Map

Whatever it is that you want to achieve from your Feng Shui home decorating, it must be clear in addition, for more help in achieving its location in your home should be correct. Here is the detail of the areas in the house that are associated to your life: the location of fame and reputation is in the direction of north area, the location of relationship and love is in the northeast area direction, the location of creativity and children is in the east side, the location of travel and helpful people is in the southeast part, the location of professional and life path is in the south direction, the southwest area is the location for skills and ancient wisdom, the western direction is the area where family is located while the location of wealth and prosperity is in the northwest direction.

Mainly, if your target is to bring improvement in any area of your life then you can take help form the Bagua Map to do so in your living environment that needs any improvement.

How to use the bagua map in home decorating Bagua Map Uses

While learning about the Bagua, first understand that there is no specific area to which Feng Shui favors. Actually Feng Shui treats all the areas in a similar way so that one can live a harmonious and balanced life. Also it is important to maintain the balance among all the nine important areas of your life.

Also keep one point in mind is that all the parts are not just limited to specific area of life that it matches to. For instance, the area for family as per Feng Shui map is situated in the west side of your living areas, in case if there are other areas in your house that are for family such as the living room or the dining room but its location is not on the west side, then also you can enhance the existing rooms in order to bring changes in the family life.

feng-shui-decorating Feng Shui Decorating

Now you have clear idea about main points of Bagua Map, the next step is to learn the ways in which you can map it to your home floor plan prior to applying Feng Shui home decorating methods. If you want to achieve this then you need to follow three easy steps.

How To Use The Bagua Map in Home Decorating

Step 1: You can see that all the nine areas mapped out in the form of a square, 3 by 3. it is important taking special note of these three squares that are on the bottom of the Feng Shui map, which includes: the location of the skill and ancient wisdom is on the left side, the location of career is in the mid and the location of the helpful people and traveling on the right side.

Step 2: At the time of mapping the Bagua Map for the floor plan, the starting point is the front door as a starting point. In order to achieve this, first of all map out the various parts of the house on a piece of paper. In the next step keep the Bagua Map on the floor plan (their sizes should be similar). The starting point should be front door so the wall containing front door should be lined up first, at the bottom of the Bagua map there are 3 squares for appropriate positioning. The front door is the point which can help in determining different parts in the house that matches to the different areas of life as per the map and then begin Feng Shui decorating.


Step 3: Begin by thinking about the first area of life that you prefer to enhance and to implement Feng Shui decorating first learn the techniques that can be utilized in that area for achieving the desired results in your life.

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