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We tend to buy stuffs which fancy us and over years these pile up into big clutter. Clutter gives a chaotic environment muddling our thinking which will definitely affect our lifestyle. Things which may be useful to us get lost in the clutter and we even forget their existence ultimately the purpose not served. Constructing your own closet organizer will fix all your problems. It will help you easily organize your stuff systematically making your closet mess-free. Following are few stages to be carried out to help you create a clean and neat closet.

How to Build A Closet Organizer

The initial and foremost step is to have a clear idea of the area of the space your closet occupies. To make things even easier you can sketch it on a piece of paper taking the actual measurements of the height and depth of each wall.

Custom designed closet organizer

Designing your closet organizer is the next step to do. It constitutes of two levels for hanging clothes, racks and few bins for storing things. Closets can be either deep or shallow; deep closets will have to be designed from the door right to the back wall while shallow closets will be from side to side. You can also construct the same pattern for both depths of a closet.

Purchasing the right type of required materials will be the next step. It will be a wise decision to buy spare boards along with a board if you happen to cut the board wrongly. And always include a 10 per cent for cuts when you calculate the budget on buying a linear board. You can also seek the advice from the service counter at the store for needed help.

DIY closet organizer for home

Building supports for the shelf is the next step to be done. The supports need to be sturdy enough capable for hanging the shelves efficiently. The ideal height of the closet should be at least 84 inches from the bottom area of the floor for an 8 foot ceiling. The height allows ample space for storing things on the top shelf. Drywall promises for a firmer support while fixing the boards. Multiple supports if preferred can be installed in such a way that there should be a gap of 8 to 12 inches between the first and second sets of support. Measure down starting from the 1st set of supports and then fix the 2nd set of supports.

Steps in building a closet organizer

The next step is to build the central shelving division considering the bottom of the last shelves to the floor section of the closet. Two side panels of length ranging from 72 inches to 76 inches need to be cut if two shelves are to be constructed. To avoid making mistakes while cutting it is better to measure twice and cut only once and check for the fit of each side. Make sure that the cut made is exact to the measurement otherwise trim off the excess. The center shelves have to have four boards of 1 foot length. Wood screws of 2.5 inches can be used as an alternative to nails as they give a firmer grip on the shelves. According to your choice of place now put the center shelving division. It need not be fixed to the wall of the closet as it is an open standing system.

Closet organizer plan

The final step is fitting the hardware for hanging the dowels. 6 brackets are minimum number required and they must be fixed 2 to 3 inches lower the bottom shelf. The brackets for the lower dowels must be 38 inches from the floor. Make sure the dowel rods are slipped in and a place for the hangers should be kept.

Building a closet organizer will turn out to be super easy if the above steps are carried out correctly. You can now arrange your stuff neatly and have an organized and decent closet.

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