How To Design The Master Bedroom Of Your Dreams


How To Design A Master Bedroom

For most homes one of the most important rooms is the master bedroom. This is the place where you get to take time for yourself, shut out the distractions and have somewhere you can relax in. Designing your own master bedroom is a great way to ensure you get the colors and design that will promote the kind of atmosphere the best suits your taste and needs. If you are struggling for ideas below there some ideas for designing your own master bedroom of your dreams.

master bedroom design


Rather than having a plain ceiling take the opportunity to add unique designs to create something beautiful and personal. This is a place you could spend time on you so it makes sense to to include the ceiling as a place you can enhance to add beauty and serenity to the room.

master bedroom ceiling


The colors of the walls when designing your own master bedroom should be ones that help you sleep at night and do not shock you when you wake in the morning. They should also encourage you to relax so in general harsh or loud colors are not going to achieve these results. Better options would be earthy tones, pastels and light colors that open the room up and give it a peaceful atmosphere. Dark colors would make the room feel smaller and less airy and relaxing.

master bedroom wall ideas


Designing your own dream master bedroom also involves getting the flooring right. If you like the bare surface look and do not mind cool floors perhaps with the addition of a rug or two you could go for wooden flooring. Dark hardwood floors are beautiful to look at and when you have a gleaming cherry wood floor it looks stunning and pairs well with luxurious bedding. If you prefer more comfort you also have the option of carpeting. Something with a modern look and thick piling you can sink into as you walk in.

master bedroom flooring


The standard bedroom will have a ceiling mounted fixture along with sconces or bed side lighting in the form of table lamps. If possible though you should consider adding in pot lights in recesses on a dimmer as well as or instead of the ceiling mounted lighting. This offers more flexibility and makes it more modern.

bedroom lighting

If you need more lighting than that for when you are getting ready and applying makeup you can use art lights around the wardrobe and a light bar over the mirror. If you have a sitting area where you sit and relax or read in you can have a floor lamp that can be adjusted set behind the chair.


master bedroom windows

How you dress the windows can have a big impact on the overall feel of your master bedroom. There are a lot of options and a lot will depend on your own sense of design and style. If you prefer a dark room to sleep in you should have a look at lined shades or drapery as they will do the best job at stopping light from entering the room. If that is not a consideration there are many types of sheers, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, roller shades, roman shades, woven blinds, wood slat blinds or tack drapery to choose from. Remember to get something not just in the style needed but also that offers the privacy you need and in the right window dimensions.


Bed space

bedroom decor

If your master bedroom is on the small side then you need to think about what furniture is necessary and how to place the bed to optimize the space you have. One option is to place the bed in the center against a wall. To minimize the space taken up be side tables either keep them small or have shelves in the wall at the side of the bed to free up floor space. For lighting around the bed instead of lamps on the side tables you can mount wall lamps and have them on a swing arm so that you can easily adjust the position when you need to.


Bedding should look crisp and fresh. A solid neutral or white color is good and 4 pillows is enough. Two can be in white covers and 2 can be in colors that fit with the rest of the bedding.

farmhouse -bedroom style


master bedroom closet When a master bedroom does not have enough closet space for your clothing and accessories there are a couple of things you can think about doing. You could add additional wardrobe systems that then use modular interiors so you get more flexibility with where and what you can store in them, from belts to shoes, sweaters to bags. It should have simple doors but its style needs to fit in with the rest of the room. If you cannot find the right color but you see something you really like remember you can always paint them to suit what you prefer.

Another option is to use an exposed closet, there are many options out there. If you go for this it is important to keep the clothes in order looking neat so it does not look like clutter. You can use it to store and display your best fashion items, use nice hangers like sharp wood or chrome.


In the en suite to your master bedroom splash out on a bath you can really relax in like a jetted tub or a luxurious walk in shower with several shower heads, or both! Something like a rain shower head is slow but terribly relaxing when you have time to use it. Check out this guide on how to make your bedroom feel bigger.

Wet Bar

With master bedrooms that are large enough why not add a wet bar. You can keep some beer or wine up there along with some whipped cream for whens things are getting frisky!


master bedroom seatings

Another lovely luxury space to add to your room when designing your own master bedroom is a sitting area. You can opt for the ikea trundle bed if you have the space. There you can have a morning coffee and read your paper or book. You can have it positioned next to the bed side table to use that as a table or if you have room add a small table near the window. Or you could have a bench on your window seat and upholster it to make it more comfortable. Benches there can also offer additional storage for things like pillows or bedding.


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