Bunk Bed Plans


Once you notice that its time provide a bunk bed to your kid then the next thing is to find out about the plans and materials that can be utilized for this purpose.

You may find number of free bunk bed plans on the world of web but the main thing is that are they all safe?

It seems that the project of bunk bed is very simple. It can be simply if you ignore your kids, who are actually the most crucial element of the bed. Your playful and adorable kids will use it in the way that you can’t even imagine but mostly they will shake, jump and climb. You cannot change your children, it’s their age to do such activities, but you can choose a plan wisely keeping all these activities in mind.

DIY Bunk Bed

Select a sturdy and strong wood. Follow the plan recommendations wisely after selecting the best quality lumber. In this way you will come to know about the appropriate kind hardware, screws as well as other fixtures required for building a safe and sturdy bed.

DIY bunk bed plans

Even it is important to plan out the finishing of the bed. You may find many ideas in your plan. If you want you can choose any other wood. Those who concern about the appearance more usually opt for painting the bed. You can make your wood look great by staining, varnishing, or just sealing it. In my opinion a painted bed should be considered, as it is easy to touch up, and keep its look fresh.

Bunk bed with stairs

There is obviously a big advantage of buying a good set of bunk bed plan as it includes complete list of tools required for your project. If the plan recommends you to make use of power tool then there is a purpose i.e. to help you make a tight as well as strong bed.

At first decide whether you want some storage space under the bunk bed (the bottom one) or not and then search your plan accordingly. This under storage provide extra drawer place for your kids. In case if you want this type of storage then always find and select the plan that includes this type of storage in it. In order to make your project easy simply follow it instead of doing it on your own ideas.

DIY bunk bed design

It is very important to choose appropriate and right bunk bed plan. Do not choose a plan that will result in a bed that collapse at midnight as this can cause some injury to your kid. So find the right plan, follow the instructions carefully and provide a sturdy bunk beds set to your children.

Solid bunk bed

We are sharing some useful tips here for our readers that can make the search of bunk bed plans easy:

  • Your pan must you’re your requirements so find a suitable one. It is not a good idea to waste time in searching for unsuitable plans.
  • The best thing is to pick the plan that is specifically based on the kind of wood that you are using. For instance, if you select plywood, then pick plywood plan. There is surely some impact of the selected material on the quality of your bed.
  • Taking accurate measurement of everything is must. Check it twice for confirmation otherwise it will spoil your bunk bed.
  • The best plans are the ones with clear and easy-to-follow instructions, and contain images of every step for more clarity.


The ones who can patiently work on the plan instead of doing it in haste can actually give outstanding results. You will enjoy two benefits after doing the project i.e. the sense of achievement as well as lot of money can be saved.

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