Bay Window Treatment


There are many types of window but the Bay windows require special treatments among all the types. There are partitions in these windows that appear like as if there are three windows positioned as one and the vertical corners making an acute angle. Whether you see these windows from inside or outside these are very picturesque.

How To Decorate The Windows

You can opt for different kinds of window treatments in order to decorate the bay windows using matching window coverings and in case if there is any requirement then the window structure can be modified.

Seating with storage for bay window in kitchen

Love the this idea.


Cafe style shutters on a Victorian bay

Different options like draperies and curtains can be used for bay window treatment and sheers too. The use of sheers can keep the privacy maintained and light can enter too even after you open the curtains or drapery open. In order to hang sheers and curtains together you can use the double curtain rods. The placement of sheers is on the rod that is on the outer side, the one near the window while the installment of curtains is on the rod that is on the inner side that is far from the window. As a result of this double layer of the curtains and sheers it becomes easy to maintain privacy as well as required light the whole day. Even you can use cornices and swags on the top part. If you want to change the look of your bay window then you must try new ways of treatment like uncovering and covering the side and the middle parts.


Glass paintings

You can also use stained glass paintings for Bay window treatment whether on a selected part or on the whole window glass. The use of stained glass paintings can add a magical impact in your room. There won’t be any need of adding artwork in the room.


There are some other options that can make your bay window look beautiful such as honeycomb shades as well as other shades with pattern.

In some cases, there are seat like structures or shelves in these types of windows which can actually be utilized in an innovative manner. Depending on the size of the shelves and seats you can place crystal ware, plants cushions etc.


You can even decorate the shelf of these windows in a particular manner on special occasions. For a romantic setting simply use candles and roses for decorating the windows. For this entire arrangement there is complete utilization of the bay window. Don’t use this type of temporary bay window treatment if it has inflammable window coverings or curtains.

Curtains for Bay Windows When You are on a Budget

Curtains for Bay Windows When You are on a Budget

Of course there are some more bay window treatment options other than adding a box valance or shelf. Interestingly, you can dress different parts of the windows in a different manner, to produce a blend of matching and tasteful effects and colors. Here is the example like you can cover the side parts of your bay windows with curtains while the wood blinds can be used for covering the middle part of the bay window. When you use appropriate color combinations then these combinations can result in a fantastic bay style window treatment.


Another interesting option is to install shelves. With books easy reach from the seat, this would make the bay window an excellent reading spot.

Wrap around shelves next to the bay window.

Wrap around shelves next to the bay window.





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