15+ Magnificent Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


There are so many great ways you can update your kitchen, getting new cabinets, changing the floors, getting new counters. But one of the big improvements you can make is by changing the color, style or material of your backsplash. Just this small area can add vibrancy to the kitchen and can be a way for you to express your personality further in your kitchen. Before you start making any plans though take a look at what options you have. By doing a small amount of research you can better know what you need and what styles and materials you have to choose from. Of course a kitchen backsplash has an important practical role to play, protecting the walls and cabinets from cooking and washing splashes that occur day to day. But they can also add value to the property, bring new life to the room and be an opportunity to express yourself and have a little fun!

Jane duncan kitchen

First of all you need to decide what style you want your backsplash to have, making sure you take into account the decor of the rest of the kitchen. You might decide you want a combination of modern/contemporary and classic/conventional, or maybe one or the other. You also need to work out how much money you have to spend on this project. Remember that they will be a focal point in your kitchen so will draw the attention of people as they enter the room. This means if you can afford it, let yourself splurge a little so you can get something you are really happy with. As well as style you need to think about material and material has a large impact on cost as well. If you need to save money you could opt for a combination of materials, for example tiles or stainless steel around the sink and stove and then wallpaper or plaster for the rest.

kitchen-backsplash-with-oak-cabinets Stone kitchen backsplash

Backsplashes for Kitchens

Here is a look at the main materials you will have to choose from with a note about the benefits of each one, and what to look out for.

Metal Backsplashes

Metal is a great option because it is so easy to clean. It is also something that may already match the appliances you have there. You can choose from stainless steel, copper, pewter or aluminium and it can be bought in sheets and then cut down to what you need. Adhesive is used to fix the metal into place and it will add a modern clean look to your kitchen. You can have your kitchen backsplashes done in just one afternoon and be ready to cook supper for the family.

metal-backsplash Simple metal backsplash

Glass Backsplashes

Glass is another material that is easy to clean but an added bonus to this material is the reflective qualities it has. It can be used to create a mirror effect or to reflect light around the room and brighten it up. You can get various finishes and colors too. If you are artistic and want to show that off glass is a great material to work with as you can create various effects like gradient shading and iridescence. Glass does take more planning though if you want to take full advantage of it. Plan on how the tiles will be placed when the kitchen is being renovated or constructed so that lighting is strategically used. Because lighting has such an impact on the effect of glass backsplashes you will find the effects change depending on time of day, weather and even seasons.


Use glass for reflective effect

Paint or Wallpaper Backsplashes

Using paint or wallpaper is certainly one of the easier options and one of the cheapest. You have such a variety of patterns and colors to choose from. It is easy to find something that suits your taste and the kitchen’s style. But make sure you choose wallpaper or paint that is washable as there will be splatters that need wiping up, it is a place that naturally collects grease and grime from being near the stove, or water from the sink. You need to be able to clean it regularly without worrying about it fading or lifting or getting ruined. If you are considering this option you may like the idea of combining materials so that you save money but get better protection in the areas that need it.


Wallpaper backsplash

Cork Backsplashes

A cork backsplash is definitely something people will notice and a great idea if you are wine drinkers! Collect those corks together and make a wine cork backsplash guests will be sure to talk about. A great kitchen feature and also a great way to re-purpose all the corks you have been collecting for no reason and create a display that shows off the various wines you have been drinking. To create it you will need to work out how many corks it takes to complete a square foot area and then count out how many total square feet you will need and do the math. Since this could take a while if the figure is over a thousand corks get your friends collecting for you too, visit some wineries and ask them if you can keep their used corks.


Backsplash made of wine cork

Magnetic Whiteboard Backsplashes

This is a fun idea you can sometimes see in coffee shops or eclectic restaurants. They are useful if you like to have a place to put reminders, magnets, lists, or recipes. You can even use them to hold up photos but keep mementos you do not want to get ruined away from the messy areas.

magnetic-whiteboard Use whiteboard to write recipes

Tile Backsplashes

We saved this one for last because there are several options that come under the tile heading and it is probably the most popular option. Tiles are easy to clean and you can get a variety of types, materials, colors and styles. Really the options are limitless.

  1. Mural tiles – This is a newer option that you can now purchase where you buy a set of tiles that when put together create a picture or mural. You can get various pictures animals, landscapes or you can go for something more kitchen oriented with food pictures like vegetables, fruits or plates ready to serve.
  2. Mosaic tiles – Similar to the idea of mural tiles but here you use patterns of colors to create a mosaic. It is not easy to do and will take some time but it can be done by yourself if you want to be involved in the creative aspect of it. First of all plan the pattern out, use cardboard to create any templates you need and make sure you have grout, a sponge, adhesive for tiles, a trowel, tape measure, tile snips and a drill. Use the cardboard to create a template that fits precisely into the area. Make sure you cut the ceramic tiles in small and even sized pieces. Or get someone in to do it!
  3. Marble tiles – This is a very modern choice for your kitchen backsplash and there are a range of marble tiles you can use. You can also get a variety of sizes from the small 1×1 mosaic sized tiles all the way up to 12×12 tiles. Larger tiling is easier to install and quicker.
  4. Ceramic tiles – These are popular because they are affordable, but can still look very attractive while protecting your walls and being easy to clean. Having a comfortable and clean looking kitchen is important especially if you spend a lot of time in it.
mirrored-backsplash Mirrored backsplash brick-backsplash Brick backsplashes
  tile-rock-mix Tile rock mix   bianco-tiles-backsplash Bianco tiles backsplash
  deep-blue-tiles Deep blue tiles   ascent-wall-kitchen Ascent wall backsplash



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