12 Ways To Make A Bedroom Feel Bigger


Having a small bedroom does have its advantages. You have a room that feels cozy which is a great feeling when you are snuggling into bed. It is easier to keep warm or cool down to just how you like it too. But sometimes it can feel crowded and it easily can become cluttered. Rather than carrying on wishing for a larger room here are some things you can do with what you have to make your bedroom seem larger.


12 Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Look Bigger

  1. Repaint using lighter colors – When you have a large room dark color are fine as they can help make the space feel smaller and more cozy. But dark colors in an already small room can make it feel more claustrophobic. Use light colors on the walls and ceiling to give it a sense of space. Cool colors also do the same thing and with those you can go a little darker if you want and still retain the illusion of more room that you want. Cool colors include greens, blues and violets. Avoid warm colors like reds, yellows or oranges.
  2. On the walls – Once the walls are a better color think carefully about what you are hanging up on them. Avoid large prints and paintings that will dwarf your room and make it feel smaller.
  3. If there is clutter deal with it – Small spaces are not the best places to collect knickknacks and have lots of things everywhere. Deal with the clutter but reducing it. Move it to another room if you have it or just put some stuff away. You could always rotate your things out every few months.
  4. Matching is more important – Matching colors is more important in small spaces so that there are no big clashes. You can risk bold contrasting with larger rooms but when making a bedroom seem larger you should try your best to match colors and patterns.
  5. Mirrors can help open up the room – Mirrors reflect whatever light is there around the room so they make it lighter and feel larger.
  6. Furniture choices – Make sure you furniture choices make sense. The bed has to be there so start with that. If possible have one that fits in the room and is not too large and also offers extra storage. Then from there add what is needed, dresser, desk, chair and so on. Make sure you try to keep it minimalistic and simple in style. If you have somewhere else you could place something like a desk, do so. Do not cram furniture into your room that could go elsewhere.
  7. Multifunctional furniture – A great thing you can do with furniture is use items that are multifunctional. So a bed with storage, a dresser that can act as a desk, a trunk that can act as a seat and so on. Nowadays there are a lot of options when it comes to multifunctional furniture so explore them.
    multifunctional furniture for bedroom
  8. Consider a Murphy Bed – It is a fold down bed so at night you have a perfectly great comfortable bed to sleep in but during the day it folds up into the wall to leave you a room you can use. This is especially a good idea for a guest room that is also your office or hobby space, or a child’s room giving them space to play during the day. It’s not cheap to get a commercial murphy bed though and if you are the DIY type or cost is a concern, build it yourself. You can save a few hundreds with a DIY murphy bed. We found this excellent diy murphy bed guide to help you build one step by step.
  9. Shelving – Shelving is a great way you can hold books, photos, collectibles and other smaller objects. You can arrange them in an attractive way so that not only does the space feel less cluttered it actually becomes more appealing to look at.
  10. Choose items that are more slender than normal and ones that use up vertical space like a closet or highboy rather than a standard wide dresser. Tall pieces of furniture take up less floor space and just use up space that otherwise would not be filled. Optimize storage options as much as possible.
  11. Keep furnishings and accessories simple – As mentioned paintings should not be overly large but you also need to be careful with other accessories and furnishings. Things that are going on the wall need to be properly proportioned. Even if you have just a small window a great little trick is to get long curtains that run from ceiling to floor. It gives the illusion of height and space to the room!
  12. Lighting is important – Sometimes people go to all the effort to paint their room, choose the right furniture and de-clutter but they do nothing with the lighting in the room. Whatever you have done to your small bedroom to make it seem larger can be improved or negated just from your lighting. Not only should it be bright and well lit you should consider having a night lamp or installing wall lights. You should also be careful with lampshades as they can be too large.

With some work and careful shopping your room does not have to feel like it is closing in on you anymore. Even if there are some things you cannot do here, or if your budget is very tight, just choosing the things you can do could make a lot of difference to how you feel when you enter the room.

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