10 Amazing Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas


The kitchen for many homes is the heart of the house, visited and used more often than any other room. It is therefore one that needs to be organized well so that you can be efficient when using it and kept in good shape. You should also have a kitchen that suits your personality and adds to the theme or atmosphere of the house, whether that is rustic, modern or even futuristic. By using a combination of design and good equipment you can makeover your kitchen into something you can truly feel good about. This may involve a complete renovation or just reorganization. The following offers ideas on what to think about from the start of the project to the end and how to get a new kitchen on little spending money.

Renovating Your Kitchen on a Budget

best kitchen island

Have a good and clear plan on how much you have to spend on this project as it is easy to get carried away when shopping for new paint, gadgets and furnishings. Before you can even get to the planning stage you will need to know how much you can spare. From there you can decide how big of a renovation this is going to be. Will you need to bring in extra labor and how much will that cost? Are you designing the kitchen yourself or also need to pay for a kitchen specialist to that for you? If you are planning on getting new appliances there may be fitting costs. Get quotes before hiring if you do need to bring in other professionals.

budget-kitchen Beautifully designed kitchen – on a budget

How to save some money

There are several ways you can save some money without affecting the quality or look of your final kitchen. Rather than buying new appliances just for aesthetic reasons, there are creative ways to use the old ones and blend them into the new look. Design your own kitchen rather paying someone to do it for you. Instead of gutting and redoing the whole kitchen put a new coat of paint on the walls or a new floor down and this will improve the look of the kitchen by a great amount. Give the cupboards a lick of paint and change the door and drawer handles for a new look without actually ripping out and replacing cupboards and counters. Add in some new light fixtures to give the kitchen a different effect.

simple-elegant-kitchen Simple & elegant kitchen design

Renovating your kitchen for just $500

The following is a guide and some ideas for updating your kitchen for just $500.

Paint – There are many ways you can use paint to create a brand new looking kitchen and the great thing about paint is it comes in a variety of colors, types and is low in cost. There are specific paints for specific jobs though so be certain that you use the right ones, for example obviously wall paint is for your walls. Use wall paint to brighten a dark room, change the atmosphere completely and don’t forget the trimming like window frames. But you can also get some tile paint if you have tiles that you can re-paint, just be sure to check how hot those tiles get if they are behind the stove before painting them, as tile paint is not heat resistant. You can get appliance paint to make that old fridge look fresh and clean and new. Appliance paint can come in spray cans or regular paint cans, while the spray cans are easier and quicker to use there can be issues with paint running and it only gives a thin cover. Appliance paint in a can when applied by rolling gives a thicker cover.

small-kitchen Small kitchen remodeling

New sink fixtures – You do not have to spend a crazy amount of money on new taps. Stores have very nice ones for around $40, or you may even find something cheaper if you buy from discontinued lines that have been marked down on special. They are also easy to install yourself, they do not require a plumber.

Cupboard and drawer pulls – Again hardware shops have a lot of inexpensive knobs and handles you can replace your old ones with for a new look on your cabinets. Make sure you measure an old one or take it with you so you get the right size.

If you need more storage – Consider getting floating wall shelves if you have a wall space that can be used. They are great for displaying cook books, spices and other kitchen ware you might have. The fixings are hidden and you can get them in a variety of colors and lengths.

Ideas for the floor – If you have wooden flooring you could sand and re-varnish it or even paint it being sure to use the right paint. If it is concrete clean and polish it. Or get some vinyl and resurface the floor, vinyl is a popular and budget friendly kitchen floor option. Just consider though that obviously the floor gets a lot of wear and tear on it, so if you opt for something cheaper it is likely to need updating much sooner. However that does give you time to save for something more durable.

smart-kitchen-remodel Kitchen floor

New lighting – Check out thrift shops for chandeliers, or get a contemporary one from a store. You could even make your own one if you are a crafty person, there are many ideas you can find online. Over the cupboards have some strip or task lighting so that the areas where you work are well lit. To avoid needing an electrician you can get extendable light kits. Another idea is an up light so that the ceiling reflects back ambient lighting and has it on a dimmer switch.

Dressing your kitchen windows – you can get low priced white slatted blinds that would look good and give you the option of letting in light or having complete privacy. Or a sunscreen roller blind that reduces glare and gives privacy. If you want curtains consider checking out discount stores for sheers that can be put up and then tied back. Or if you have fabric already add a hem and turn it into curtains you have made yourself.

wooden-counter-top-kitchen Cozy little kitchen

Important points to remember

At the start of the project identify what areas really do not work or need to be changed. Perhaps there are some drawers that are not in good reach distance, a fridge that sticks out too far and so on. Redesign the layout so that it works better for you but keep in mind some practical considerations such as access to electrical outlets and plumbing issues. Before worrying about the look of the kitchen makes sure you have it functioning properly, no leaks for example.

Surface materials

When you have a plan completed you can look at details keeping in mind your budget. Things like what material you want your counter-tops to be made from. While natural materials like marble and granite are popular and durable as well as attractive to look at they are more expensive. There are synthetic options that have the same look as these but are actually a lot cheaper. The same goes with flooring material. You want to try and budget for a surface that can handle a lot of traffic, won’t chip when a plate or knife falls, doesn’t stain when there is a spill.

budget-kitchen-island Island still possible for a budget kitchen idea

Final Touches

Once all that is done you can add those little details that turn it into your kitchen. Perhaps some colored glass in the window, using contrasting colors with posters, tea towels, fruit bowls and so on. Hang up some artwork perhaps. While a professional kitchen designer will add to the budget if it is something you can afford it would definitely make the whole process a lot easier for you.


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